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Summer Photo Contest Highlights - Part 3

This summer we asked CIEE Work & Travel USA participants to share their stories in a series of four photo contests through our Facebook page.  We received hundreds of incredible photos, and we had a hard time choosing the winners, so we have been sharing some highlights on the blog.  Read parts 1 and 2 for more photos!

Winner: "Volunteering:"

“We helped to organize the 4th of July parade with dogs” – Daria Dorofeeva, from Russia
Finalists: Favorite Summer Memory

59973e5dd6022-071817_2 (David)
“Somewhere there is that kind of quiet that you can find only on the mountain paths, with the sound of water falling from the waterfalls, chirps by the birds and the sound of the wind sleeping under a sky full of stars and a full moon. Grand Teton National Park” – David Binzaru Plesa, from Romania

“Wow” – Huan Liu, from China

“Happy day with coworkers “ – Oreoluwa Akinkugbe, from Nigeria

“Buzzards bay” – Busra Kilic, Summer Work Traveler in Cape Cod