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Summer Photo Contest Highlights - Part 4

This is the time of year when summer starts to feel like it will be here before you know it! Here are some highlights from our Summer 2017 photo contest to help us all get into the summer mindset. 

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59a0cce03210a-SummerMemory (Maria)

“These are my travelling colleges, my friends, the family that I built here, in Santa Cruz, California. We are on one of the typical cliffs of Santa Cruz. You can see the sea and also the amusement park where we work. Along this amazing experience we had the chance to know people with different nationalities and their cultures. On the map that we are holding, you may see pushpins all over it. Participants of this program put them in to show where their countries are located. It is incredible seeing how we all are from different places, no matter how far we come from; however, it is more incredible knowing that all these places do have something in common. They are sharing, right now, a same time and place. This is why this picture is my favorite one; because of them, I'm having the best summer ever.” – Maria Gonzalez, from Spain
"We celebrated the birthday of our manager” – Bayram Bagbekov, from Turkmenistan
“Day (off) in life! We are trying to enjoy every single day in the U.S. as much as we can - our first trip to Richmond, VA - got a little bit crazy :D” – Justyna Zybert, from Poland
“Amazing zipline!” – TzuChing Lin, from Taiwan
“Home is where the passport is... The trip on which this photo was taken was my best summer memory, because I did what I love (traveling) with whom I love (my boyfriend) in the most beautiful place I've ever seen - in Yellowstone!” – Adrianna Rutkowska, from Poland