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My American Winter Photo Contest Highlights

Starting back in December, we asked winter CIEE Work & Travel USAs to take photos of their time in the United States and share them with us using the hashtag #CIEEWorkTravelers. We asked about favorite winter memories, volunteering in the community, and enjoying the great outdoors. Submissions came in from winter communities all across the United States. See below for the overall winner and highlights!

Yee Xuan 3
"We are here at Snow King Mountain! These are part of the J1 who I met, they are lovely and sweet! Gonna love them to the moon and back!" - Yee Xuan Kon, Malaysia

The overall winner and recipient of an iPad Pro was Yee Xuan Kon from Malaysia! Congratulations, Yee Xuan Kon!

Diana 1
“A place where dreams come true.. where your family are your true friends.. where the footprints of the people who walked together are never erased.. #NorthStar #WinterSnow” - Diana Quibajo, Peru
Julian 2
“One of the best times was when we took our onesies to the ski resort and laughed with all the people.” - Julian Ojeda Ton, Argentina
Carlos 4
“Ticos Taking Angel Fire” - Carlos Molina Cordero, Costa Rica
Maite 5
“In Gallatin river. Discovering new places, with home always in my heart.” - Maite Lopes, Brasil
Lucas 6
“Sharing experiences, life moments and an excellent night with filmmakers from USA, and Thailand, at Keystone.” - Lucas Mira, Argentina
Sandra 7
“It was an awesome day #OkemoMountainResort #Skating #JacksonGoreInn #GreatDay #LoveIt #Happy #Wonderful #Friends #CIEEWorkTravelers” - Sandra Luyo, Peru
Ivanna 8
“The best experience of my life :D” - Ivanna Chacon, Costa Rica
Andrea 9
“Volunteering at Community Dinner at Silverthorne, Colorado.” - Andrea Mezarina, Peru